Batman: The Adventures Continue, Chapter One

They’re back!

Paul Dini and Alan Burnett bring back the series that is a cornerstone of most of our childhoods in a new digital-first series. Following the shutdown of most comic retailers in this unprecedented time, to be given this sweet taste of fresh nostalgia is a treasure.


As a digital-first book, it’s actually quite short, and affordable (only 99 cents!). It opens with Batman having a quick bout with Bane before taking on a giant robot menacing Gotham. Cut to Bruce mingling amongst the rich and filthy, including Lex Luthor, where we start to get a rough estimate of when this story takes place (some time after Batman and Superman’s first team-up). Before long we learn that some mischief is afoot when finally Batman comes face-to-face with both the robot and Luthor in a fast-paced cliffhanger.

Like I said, it’s a quickie, and like most digital installments it’ll eventually form a fully fleshed out story, but the short of it (the TL;DR, if you will) is…

TL;DR Score: Batman TAS is BACK! … sort of.

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