Superman: Doomed

I recently bought some recent Superman arcs from the New 52/Rebirth era that I hadn’t read in full on account of cross-title event syndrome, Doomed being the biggest of the bunch.


At the time I’d only read the portions of this arc in the issues of Superman and Superman/Wonder Woman that I had been collecting, so to finally have the entire story bound together and in the proper order was pretty satisfying. To get straight to it: Doomed is the Superman epic you’re looking for.

On the outside, it seems pretty simple. We get a new take on Superman battling Doomsday to the death, but instead of boy blue dropping dead, he instead gets infected with the remains of his foe and slowly starts transforming into a new “Superdoom.” That alone sounds like enough material to make a book out of, but let’s be real, that concept could get stale real fast. Doomsday as a character can get stale fast, so it works well that he gets removed from this story pretty quickly.

The twist here is that Superman’s infection has been a plot conceived by Brainiac in an attempt to remove Earth’s strongest protector so that he can go about harvesting the minds of Earthlings in order to make a virtual reality of sorts in the name of “peace” (pretty fresh actually).

What the majority of this book turns into actually is a larger than life space epic as the Justice League and Superman’s close allies attempt to repel Brainiac’s invasion while holding off Superdoom. It’s pretty baller. It’s an all- star event that gives me the same sensation as Infinity.

For a new take on Superman vs Doomsday, plus a grand space invasion to boot, this book is fantastic. It’s pique sci-fi. If you missed this one, give it a go.

TL;DR Score: Seriously though, Brainiac’s plan was almost air tight… I think he just #%#% up royally when he threw Doomsday into the mix.

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