Spawn #11

Spawn… he’s a pretty cool dude… kinda metal, if you get me. Here I thought he was the personal brain child of Todd MacFarlane, but I guess old Todd was his very own George Lucas that wanted his close buddies to reap in his creative success. Spawn #11 is a great show of it through the great Frank Miller.


Now even if you don’t know a thing about Spawn, but know a fraction about Frank Miller, you might understand how cool that cover up above really looks, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

I’m reading Spawn via the Origins Collections, remastered volumes of the original comics in a slick new binding, so it only slightly omits the fine crediting on the creative front. I had to backtrack midway through this issue to realize that it was in fact Frank Miller writing the piece.

How is it so obvious?

Basically, Spawn’s home resides in the slums with the bums who hold nothing but care for him, and when two rival gangs threaten the sanctity of it he intetvenes and pits the two against one another to save the day.

Where does Frank Miller leave his handiwork?

All over the gangs.

If you’re familiar with The Dark Knight Returns, this is pretty much two Mutant gangs being thrown at one another in the traditional Miller dialect. If you’re a fan of the latter you’ll enjoy this one more than most Spawn books. It’s pretty self-isolated and over-the-top.

Spawn is a great outlet for the nitty-gritty, weird and heavy metal. If you want a taste tester this issue is a good one, otherwise I’d suggest grabbing volume one as it usually runs cheap.

TL;DR Score: The Mutants would probably have their butts whooped to these guys….

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