Batman: Three Jokers (Book One)

Lightning has struck, my friends. The true comic event (that isn’t being pushed as an event) is here, and the wait has been well worth it!


Three Jokers is the most gorgeous and tight comic I’ve read in quite a while, but that’s to be expected when you pair Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok together.

The short of it: Gotham is plagued by three simultaneous incidents that are perpetrated by the Joker, inciting the wonder of there being “three Jokers” and bringing together Batman, Batgirl, and Red Hood on a hunt to nab the one and only.

As it stands there are three established Jokers in this book: the Criminal (Batman’s nemesis), the Comedian (Batgirl’s haunt), and the Clown (Red Hood’s curse). The trio subdue the Clown, but when Batman takes off to see about another Red Hood executes the former.

This book is so unique. It is a perfect tribute to both the Joker and the long history of Batman (I particularly enjoyed the entire opening sequence examining Bruce’s scars). The writing feels fresh and real, both recognizing its source material, but bringing something new. The art I cannot speak highly enough of: Fabok is an absolute gem for the world of Batman.

If you can grab a copy still I wouldn’t waste much time. It sounds like this one is already hard to get and it’s certainly making a splash in comic book history. Looking forward to seeing how it all plays out!

TL;DR Score: I want to say the Criminal is the true Joker, but to even say that knots up my head a little….. but I’m going with the Criminal…… or the real twist is there’s a fourth, true “Joker?”….. just read it for yourself.

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