Batman: Three Jokers (Book One)

Lightning has struck, my friends. The true comic event (that isn’t being pushed as an event) is here, and the wait has been well worth it! #spoilers Three Jokers is the most gorgeous and tight comic I’ve read in quite a while, but that’s to be expected when you pair Geoff Johns and Jason FabokContinue reading “Batman: Three Jokers (Book One)”

Superman: Man of Tomorrow – Power Play

Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe out there! While I’m picking up trades curbside I’m also going with these digital firsts that DC is putting out. We all gotta do our part and support this industry in any way we can so that it’ll thrive. Furthermore, I’ve seen people slam these digital firsts simplyContinue reading “Superman: Man of Tomorrow – Power Play”

Blue Beetle: The More Things Change

With the presses temporarily on hold for new comics, I’ve taken the opportunity to grab some material I’ve been meaning to read and haven’t had the funds for. Blue Beetle, specifically Jaime Reyes, is a character that I’ve wanted to read more of since learning a little about him while playing Injustice 2, and IContinue reading “Blue Beetle: The More Things Change”

Avengers #66-68, the Return of Ultron

As I continue picking away at the old Avengers run, it starting to get juicier with each passing arc. This one in particular stood out for a number of reasons. #spoilers First off, amongst the return of Ultron, an entanglement of betrayal, SHIELD, and other noteworthy moments, this story introduces the Marvel Universe to …Continue reading “Avengers #66-68, the Return of Ultron”

Batman: The Adventures Continue, Chapter One

They’re back! Paul Dini and Alan Burnett bring back the series that is a cornerstone of most of our childhoods in a new digital-first series. Following the shutdown of most comic retailers in this unprecedented time, to be given this sweet taste of fresh nostalgia is a treasure. #spoilers As a digital-first book, it’s actuallyContinue reading “Batman: The Adventures Continue, Chapter One”