2099 Is In Trouble… (ASM #32-36)

I’ve managed to let Amazing Spider-Man pile up a bit in my read pile the past few months, so I’m currently playing catch-up. I just finished the 2099 Is In Trouble… arc, and it was pretty good, but the artwork is what really stole the show for me. #spoilers The plot revolves around a lot of foreign espionageContinue reading “2099 Is In Trouble… (ASM #32-36)”

Spider-Man #3 (2020)

The Abrams Spidey story continues to unfold, revealing some gruesome and mind-boggling imagery! #spoilers The issue opens with Ben and Peter having an argument in the wake of the former’s early outings in bus father’s old Spidey duds. It all comes to a pique when the room explodes and Cadaverous shows up, impaling and abductingContinue reading “Spider-Man #3 (2020)”

Superman #18 – Revealed to the World!

#spoilers Well… it’s gone and happened again… serious Civil War vibes in this issue. The cover doesn’t lie: Superman reveals his identity to the world, and he does it via press conference (I’m not kidding, the echoes to when Spider-Man revealed his identity are real). The entirety of the issue showcases Superman sharing his close friendsContinue reading “Superman #18 – Revealed to the World!”

Spawn: Origins Collection Vol. 1

At long last….. Spawn. That heavy metal symbol of bad-assery courtesy of the great Todd McFarlane finally made his way into my readings, and I loved every panel. #spoilers Spawn, for you few who aren’t aware, tells the story of a man returned from the dead by a demon, cursing him to wage war onContinue reading “Spawn: Origins Collection Vol. 1”