The Monster of Frankenstein #1

I was originally going to dig into Tomb of Dracula, but I feel I’ve gotten a fair dose of vampirism lately so I decided to give Marvel’s take on Frankenstein a try. #spoilers In short, this is very much an adaptation of the Mary Shelley classic. I haven’t proceeded far past issue one so itContinue reading “The Monster of Frankenstein #1”

Vampire State Building #1

It looks like there’s a new comics publisher on the market in the form of Ablaze, and Vampire State Building is amongst their initial releases. This one is a solid hook with a promising plot to unfold. #spoilers A young man named Terry is preparing to fly off to Afghanistan having enlisted in the military,Continue reading “Vampire State Building #1”

Avengers Halloween Special #1 (2018)

#spoilers It’s the spookiest time of the year! I decided to kick it off with visiting last year’s one-shot Halloween Special from Marvel, and it was actually better than I expected! Featuring five short stories, each tale conveys a macabre version of some of our favorite Marvel characters. First there’s a story that features MattContinue reading “Avengers Halloween Special #1 (2018)”

Why Endgame is so important to me…

#spoilers We’ll dispense with the negativity up front: Avengers: Endgame is not a perfect movie. It’s got some pacing issues, it gets a bit tongue-in-cheek, it suffers from a couple plot holes (though no where near as bad as┬áBack to the Future Part II), and… well, that’s all I can think of so far, butContinue reading “Why Endgame is so important to me…”

Superman: Kal (Elseworlds)

Purchased this little gem at a local antique shop for a buck. A steal. This is my first Elseworlds book, and it certainly sets a standard for me moving forward. #spoilers Elseworlds, for those who don’t know, is DC’s means of reimagining their greatest characters in alternate realities; their very own What if…? This particularContinue reading “Superman: Kal (Elseworlds)”