The Road to Captain Marvel: Alpha Flight

Continuing my trek through Captain Marvel books I’m following through with the next, even shorter, ongoing run that sees Captain Marvel take on the duties as commander of the new and improved Alpha Flight. #spoilers First off, I’m only discussing the first half of this run (currently halfway through the Civil War II portion soContinue reading “The Road to Captain Marvel: Alpha Flight”

The Road to Captain Marvel: Marvel NOW!

It’s only a month until Carol Danvers ignites the big screen, so for the next month I’m gonna do a cram of the former Ms. Marvel for my sake and those too skeptical to hop on the band wagon. Toot-toot! Away we go! First up, the Marvel NOW! run. This is a decent starting spotContinue reading “The Road to Captain Marvel: Marvel NOW!”

Dead Man Logan #2

#spoilers This was a big buffer issue. Not that it was bad or anything, and not saying that it doesn’t play it’s own part in what’s to transpire through the rest of the arc, but not a whole lot happens. So here it is: Crossbones threatens Mysterio. Red Skull’s Daughter is trigger happy. Logan learnsContinue reading “Dead Man Logan #2”