Doctor Strange & Doctor Doom: Triumph and Torment (1989)

WOW. I stumbled across a juicy one here – can’t believe I hadn’t heard/read of this one until now. This book is so good… Roger Stern and Mike Mignola? MIGNOLA? Holy smokes this is good stuff. #spoilers The story starts with a man known as “the Aged Genghis” telling his Acolyte how he came toContinue reading “Doctor Strange & Doctor Doom: Triumph and Torment (1989)”

The Death of Superman (2018)

Taking a break from the comics to start talking about that fun little medium we classify as “moving pictures,” because I gotta say, the new take on Death of Superman is pretty fantastic, arguably one of the greatest Superman movies I’ve ever seen. #spoilers Superman dies. WHAAAAAA-?! Obviously he does. Only people who live underContinue reading “The Death of Superman (2018)”

Amazing Spider-Man: Family Business (2013)

Family business, written by Mark Waid and James Robinson, is a one-shot graphic novel starting the old webhead. A little under a hundred pages, it’s a fun cinematic story dealing with Peter Parker coming to meet his long lost sister, a special agent named Teresa Durand. Long story short, it’s a race to the finishContinue reading “Amazing Spider-Man: Family Business (2013)”

The Flash #51 (2018) – Williamson/Kolins

Flash War is over, and with some cool catalysts that set up the next chapter for the Fastest Man Alive! #spoilers Everything is right with world. Hunter is defeated, and everybody is trying to ease back to normality, but Wally isn’t letting it go. He keeps running in search of his lost family while IrisContinue reading “The Flash #51 (2018) – Williamson/Kolins”

Mr. & Mrs. X #1 (2018) – Thompson/Bazaldua

Rogue and Gambit start in their new ongoing (we’ll see if that lasts, of course) in a fun kick-start to an adventure that has it all. #spoilers The book begins with some heavy duty foreshadowing of an explosion in space against Rogue and Gambit’s first kiss at the altar. We then take back a stepContinue reading “Mr. & Mrs. X #1 (2018) – Thompson/Bazaldua”

Aquaman #4 (1994) – David/Egeland

I picked up this book while I was browsing the web simply because the cover really caught my attention. With my recent indulgence of Lobo and having yet to start reading Aquaman, this seemed like a decent place to start. I guess you could say I was “hooked.” … #spoilers I’m really on the outsContinue reading “Aquaman #4 (1994) – David/Egeland”