The Amazing Spider-Man #2 (2018) – Spencer/Ottley

Really, really, really loving this run, and it’s only two issues deep. #spoilers The book starts with some Parker monologuing over an elephant being poached (Kraven, maybe? Or just deep imagery…. MoreKravenMoreKravenMoreKraven #morekraven), and then we cut to Spidey kicking d-lister butt. Life’s going good for the webhead and the bad guys can tell. WeContinue reading “The Amazing Spider-Man #2 (2018) – Spencer/Ottley”

Superman #1 (2018) – Bendis/Reis

The Bendis saga breaks out into his first ongoing without a hitch. #spoilers Superman is busy searching the cosmos for Lois and Jon, while also trying to settle into his more isolated life back home. He also sets up a new Fortress of Solitude in the Bermuda Triangle… It’s actually pretty cool. The way theyContinue reading “Superman #1 (2018) – Bendis/Reis”